• Read and write all groups: As a bot installed in your Teams, we are able to send messages to the various groups (teams) and channels about new tickets or opportunities that come in. 

  • Read and write all users' full profiles: We are also enabling users to be able to assign tickets to individuals, this requires us to grab the email addresses from teams. The write aspect is in being able to write one on one with the users regarding their tickets. 

  • Maintain access to data you have given it access to: The way that we set up Flows (something that is on the chatgenie side) is we link a ticket or opportunity + some filters, such as board or status, to a particular group or channel. This requires us to store the channel information on our side so that we can know where to send the notification too.

  • The last two are repeats (and we will remove them as soon as possible!)

We are currently working with Microsoft to tighten these permissions up, but we never ever store your personal information, and we encrypt the data in transit and at rest

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