.1. Log-in to ConnectWise

3.2. Select in the left side panel “System > Security Roles” and click on the “+” sign to create a new security role.

3.3. Create a new Role ID and click “Save”

3.4. Change Permissions in the following categories and click “Save”.

3.5. Create API Keys.

Select “System > Members” in the left side panel, click on “API Members” and click on “+” to add a new API member.

3.6. Fill out all required fields, and select the role created earlier in System > Role ID. Make sure that Level is set to Corporate (Level 1). Click “Save”

3.7. Select API Keys tab and click on “+” icon in the top left corner

3.8. Type ChatGenie in Description field and press “Save”

3.9. Save your public and private keys - while public key is always available in ConnectWise, private key is only available at the time the key is created, so please make a note of it

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