As you may have found out, after many months of limited access, we decided it was time to become a grown up product with our own Infrastructure and Customer Success team. As part of that, we are also working now to actively bill customers (to support said functionality). This help desk article will help you locate how to upgrade, or downgrade your plan.

The new release now has the "Billing" tab on the left hand side. Our billing is fully managed by Stripe & Chargebee, so all we do is provide you with plans from Chatgenie (which is only 2 for now). Chargebee and Stripe securely handle your credit cards from then on in.

Upgrade Subscription

  1. To upgrade your subscription simply press on "Standard" plan, and press "Update subscription". 

  2. This will give you a pop up to confirm the amount - $19. Press "Proceed to Checkout"

  3. Next page, you will be prompted to confirm your name and email address. Make sure it looks right, you will get your invoices here. Press "Next"

  4. Almost there! Please put in your Card Number, Expiry and CVV. All standard here, and press "Next"

  5. Final page is to subscribe! Take a look at your information, and then press "Subscribe" to get started!

Once you are upgraded, it will take a few minutes to update the billing page. 

Downgrade Subscription

  1. Press "Free" plan and press Update Subscription

  2. You will be able to hit next on all of the pages to complete, there will be no charge

  3. You will continue to see "Standard" as your plan until the month is over! This is because we have already taken money for this month and we want to continue to provide service until month's end.

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