Step 1

Go to or click on and click “Sign up”

Step 2

Fill out the form and click “Try if for FREE”

Step 3

Create the API keys in ConnectWise

3.1. Log-in to ConnectWise

3.2. Click on your name in the top right corner and select My Account

3.3. Select API Keys tab and click on “+” icon in the top left corner

3.4. Type ChatGenie in Description field and press “Save”

3.5. Save your public and private keys - while public key is always available in ConnectWise, private key is only available at the time the key is created, so please make a note of it.

3.6. Now you can close the API keys form. You will see the last warning from ConnectWise that your private key will be permanently inaccessible after closing the dialog window, so please make sure you have both keys saved somewhere safe.

Step 4

Back to ChatGenie - Integrating ChatGenie with ConnectWise

After clicking “Try it for FREE” (from step 2), the following form needs to be filled out

*Host - your ConnectWise URL

*Company Name - your company name in CW

*Public key - public key you’ve created earlier

*Private key - private key you’ve created earlier

After the form is filled out, please press Connect and select Add to Slack

Step 5

Slack permissions

We only ask for minimum permissions that are required for ChatGenie to get to work. If you have more than 1 workspace in Slack, please make sure that proper workspace is selected from the top right dropdown and click Allow.

In a few brief moments your Slack workspace will be integrated with ConnectWise and ChatGenie.

In the rare case an error occurred, please contact us via intercom chat.

Step 6

Create flows

Now that you’ve successfully completed integration, you may start creating flows (they work just as CW filters, and allow you to route tickets and opportunities to your Slack channels). 

First of all, create channels in Slack (e.g. Critical tickets - for tickets with high priorities, Network tickets - for tickets on a Network board, etc. You can name the channels as you want of course). You may either click on Create Flow in the middle of the screen (visible if you don’t have any flows yet),  or Create Flow in the top right corner (always visible on ChatGenie main page).

Select either Ticket or Opportunity, and apply necessary filtering conditions (Board, Priority, Company, etc). 

Select Status checkbox if you want to see updates in Slack if ticket Status changes. 

Select Create a new channel for each ticket, if you want certain flows to create dynamic channels, for some tickets (this will create additional channel just for a specific ticket, on top of your regular common channels - so you can pay more attention to some tickets if needed).

If some channels are not displayed in channel dropdown, allow for up to 30 minutes for ChatGenie to gather information about your Slack channels.

Click Save in the top right corner, and you are all set.

If you have any additional question or would like to schedule a one-to-one zoom meeting, please email us at [email protected] 

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