ChatGenie limits the information it stores to only the items it needs to maintain connections between ConnectWise and Slack or Teams.
Below are the data sets that we store:

  • ConnectWise API Keys, Board Name & ID, Status Name & ID, Ticket ID
  • Teams / Slacks Channel Name & ID, User Email & ID (needed for ticket assignment)

ChatGenie does not store any business confidential information and will never. Here are examples of what we do not store:

  • Ticket Information - Summary, Notes, Types, Subtypes
  • Company, Contacts, Configurations
  • Absolutely no Financial Information¬†
  • We are employing a strategy of Data Differential, where we are tracking actions on those various IDs, and providing summaries to our Product Development group to make informed decisions about user habits. No personal information is stored, or visible.
  • When you see various information in your slack, such as Contacts or Ticket Summary, ChatGenie acting as a proxy for your information from your ConnectWise Tenant to your Slack / Teams tenant. We do not store any of that information, rather we pull it in real time.


  • At Rest: We are hosted with Heroku & Digital Ocean. Our instances are encrypted as well as their storage volumes.¬†
  • In Transit: We communicate to ConnectWise Servers, Slack APIs and Microsoft APis only through HTTPs.
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