Getting ChatGenie set up to start sending tickets is quick and easy. 

When you sign up for ChatGenie you will be prompted to connect ConnectWise Manage and either Slack or Microsoft Teams, depending on the one you use. 

ConnectWise Manage API Keys

  1. Login to your ConnectWise

  2. Press on your name on the top right hand corner

  3. Press on "My Account"

  4. Once on your account page, you should see a tab called "API Keys", click on it

  5. Press the "+"

  6. In description enter "ChatGenie"

  7. Press the Save Icon and it will generate your Public and Private Keys

  8. In the ChatGenie Application you will need to enter both of those as well as your host name (the web url for your ConnectWise) and your company name!

Once you are completed with ConnectWise integration, you can choose either Slack or Teams

Slack Authorization

  1. Press on Slack logo

  2. We will ask you for a set of permissions, we only ask for the minimum of what we need!

  3. Press Accept

  4. Done!

Microsoft Teams Authorization

Teams is currently in Beta and the app installation process requires a manual installation.

  1. Press on Microsoft Teams logo

  2. We will ask you for a set of permissions

  3. Once completed, you will land on the ChatGenie bot inside of Teams

  4. Please write "Hello" to the bot
    If you are unable to write to the bot follow these steps in Microsoft to allow for permissions: Allow Sideloading of Apps in Microsoft Teams

  5. It will respond to you with a "Sign In" button

  6. Please press on this button and you will be directed to ChatGenie

  7. There you will be presented with a download to install the app

  8. Install the app in to your Teams 

  9. Done!

Please let us know if you have any issues signing up by emailing us at [email protected]

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